I Magentalist

when magic and mentalism combine



Magic or illusion is not how it is commonly perceived. There are secrets but no mysteries. Whether pulling a rabbit out of the hat or walking on water, the true magic is in the reaction an effect / illusion generates.


Mentalism is recognition of how the mind works and influencing the will of others. The mind is as weak as it is powerful. Hypnotism is the big brother of mentalism


Tarot Reading is an art form I have practised since a child. It works on the principle of synchronicity. Everything in the universe came from a singularity so everything in the universe is in some way connected. This is how I believe it works, all I know for sure is that it does indeed work.


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Idunno Majick

Parties and celebrations, weddings and corporate events, also parlour shows, bar and restaurant work, all at competitive rates.


Select from a range topics to cater specifically for your event. Demonstrations of illusion/mentalism in walk-arounds, parlour and stage routines, tarot-reading/parties. 


Personalise your party for guests of honour. Simply supply the name and an image of the guest(s). See the looks of surprise as they become the star of the show.